Vision Statement

For the future of this planet, Mizkan promises to:
“Act for the well-being of the earth, society,
and all that dwell on it”
“Evoke social changes through new taste experiences”

To deliver new taste experiences, our ZENB brand uses whole plant ingredients to extract as much nutrients and flavor as possible. We include the parts that are usually discarded: the core, rind, and seeds of vegetables, and the pods of beans.

As we work toward a future of food that unifies taste experience and healthy choices, we will continue to challenge ourselves and innovate.

Mizkan’s Promise for the Future

Vision Statement Concept Film


An illustration: population growth

In several decades, many parts of the world may face food shortages and malnutrition
as a result of extreme climate change and population growth.

Vision Statement

Imagine what our world will be like a decade from now.
Imagine shaping that future, one step at a time.
At Mizkan, we have challenged to innovate for more than 210 years since our founding.
As we build upon our history, here is our vision for the next 10 years:

Act for the well-being of the earth, society, and all that dwell on it

Respect nature, learn from it, and nurture all life it fosters.

Our environmental ethos and initiatives

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Photo: Act for the well-being of the earth, society, and all that dwell on it

Evoke social changes through new taste experiences

Orchestrate communication with the world through unified taste experience and healthy choices.

Our initiatives to unify taste experiences and healthy choices

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Photo: Evoke social changes through new taste experiences

Establish the governance of the future

Strengthen Mizkan Corporate Governance (MCG) to bring the world together, implement with local style, and make the world taste delicious.

Our corporate governance initiatives for developing Mizkan style and achieving sustainable growth

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Photo: Establish the governance of the future

How we will realize our Vision Statement

In order to realize the Mizkan Vision Statement, we will preserve our traditional taste experiences,
evolve our taste experiences, and bring to life new taste experiences.

Food, rediscovered

Our planet is an amazing place, blessed with everything we need to nourish and sustain us.
However, population growth and many of the processes surrounding food are putting a strain on that bounty as never before.
If we are to preserve our wondrous environment, we must rethink our approach to food and food production.
The ZENB Initiative aims to do just that
– to change the way we think about food, and to help place food that is both healthy and delicious at the center of our everyday lives.
One step at a time, we will move towards a world where we embrace food that is better for us and for the environment.

ZENB Initiative

Preserving taste experiences through local brands

It is our responsibility to continue delivering our heritage products to preserve traditional taste experiences.

For those who wish to know more about
the Mizkan Vision Statement

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We will raise our voice
And keep our eyes ahead
And take a step each day

Together, we’ll make our way
As a company that challenges to innovate.

The Mizkan Group.