North America

An introduction to our business in North America, which focuses on pasta sauce (including the “RAGÚ” and “Bertolli” sauce brands) and vinegar.

Initiatives in North America

In 1981, Mizkan acquired the major vinegar manufacturer, American Industries Company, and successfully entered the US market. After acquiring competitive food brands in North America and entering the growing pepper market, we also entered the pasta-sauce market in 2014.

We have two main business areas: pasta sauce and vinegar. RAGÚ and Bertolli pasta sauce brands are our biggest sellers. Both are deeply rooted in US food culture, and are household names.
Our other retail brands include America’s number one brand of cooking wine, Holland House, and Nakano rice vinegar.

In order to meet consumer demand for authentic flavors and real ingredients for home cooking, we strive to deliver foods that unify taste experience and healthy choices.

Group companies in North America

Mizkan America, Inc. Planning and development, manufacturing, and sales of seasonings and processed foods for retail and food-service markets in North America
Mizkan America Partners, Inc. Internal affairs in North America
Mizkan America Holdings, Inc. Financial management and holding company for North American business

Our Global Structure