Group CEO’s Message

The Mizkan Group began in 1804 when Matazaemon Nakano I started making vinegar using sake lees, a by-product of sake brewing. For over 210 years, Mizkan has taken on challenges and made innovations. From our beginnings in Japan, we have grown to operate across Asia, North America, and Europe.

The unchanging Two Principles

We have Two Principles that guide our actions:
1. Offer customers only the finest products
2. Continuously challenge the status quo

The first principle encourages us to connect with customers to serve them better. This applies to consumers and all our other stakeholders.
The second principle means we will never stop learning and challenging ourselves to do better. The Two Principles form the unchanging core of our philosophy. We will pass them on to the next generation, just as the previous generation did before us.

Building upon the Two Principles, my personal contribution has been to define our corporate aim as “performance improvement through continuous quality improvement.” “Quality improvement” is about improving the quality of our products, management resources, and management functions for all our stakeholders, in Mizkan style. “Performance improvement” is about working toward sustainable growth with our stakeholders. This is the approach I have taken to manage Mizkan.

Bringing Flavor to Life

Our Group Vision Slogan, Bringing Flavor to Life, conveys what we wish to achieve in relation to food, society, and the environment. On a deeper level, it expresses our serious responsibility and commitment to delivering food. We are mindful that all of us need food to live and thrive. Please take a look at the videos on this website for a visual presentation of our philosophy. We will keep challenging to innovate as we work to realize our vision.

The Vision Statement: a new challenge

Our new mid-term business plan just started in the 2019 fiscal year. Taking into consideration rapid environmental changes such as digitalization, we came to the conclusion that we needed a 10-year vision instead of treating the future as an extension of the present. After developing an understanding of the environment with input from various experts, we developed our Vision Statement for the next decade. What is “Mizkan style?” It is about contributing to the wellbeing of society, the earth, and all that dwell on it. It is about unifying taste experience and healthy choices. That is why we are “sharing what we do” to make sure both our people and company realize the growth to make this possible. We will not settle for simply improving our business performance: we insist on doing so with Mizkan style. As we share our new Mizkan-style vision with the world at large, we will be making positive changes. Our organization will become more agile as we learn from start-ups and break down internal barriers. Our people will be empowered to develop a wider outlook and be ambitious about what they can achieve in their roles. And together with people and organizations that share our sense of purpose and values, we hope to shape the future. We welcome partnerships with consumers, individuals, and companies of all sizes.

  1. Start-ups: companies and organizations that are in the process of either a) discovering new value, or b) launching businesses or business models after validating the new value.
  2. Agile organization: an organization that quickly and frequently carries out the hypothesis-execution-validation process.

March 2019
Chairman and Group CEO

Kazuhide Nakano

New challenges

Vision Statement