Group Corporate Philosophy and Vision

Mizkan has Two Principles that should always be observed. As a company, we do not simply seek to improve our performance. Putting the Two Principles at the heart of what we do, we aim to achieve performance improvement through continuous quality improvement. We uphold tradition, but never stop striving for better. We will keep growing by continuing to innovate and challenge ourselves.

Realize performance improvement through continuous quality improvement. Sustainable growth through Mizkan-style management. Mission: Two Principles, Kokoroe. Vision: Vision Statement, Bringing Flavor to Life™. Value: Common Management Principles, SENOBI Concept.


Two Principles

Offer Customers Only the Finest ProductsConnect with customers to serve them better

This principle captures Mizkan’s commitment to quality improvement, which makes customers the top priority. It highlights the need to respond to changes in the world by adopting the perspective of customers who purchase Mizkan products, as well as retailers, business partners, suppliers, and internal stakeholders. It points to the need to improve not only product quality, but also every aspect of customer satisfaction by improving the quality of corporate management. This is the meaning conveyed by the principle “Offer Customers Only the Finest Products.”

Historically, it was at the start of a period of rapid economic growth that we came up with this principle. Owner Matazaemon Nakano VII first started using “Offer Customers Only the Finest Products” in 1959, and then later framed it as part of the “Three Points of View (customer, employee, management).” The message was to “connect with customers to serve them better.” In modern-day terms, “Offer Customers Only the Finest Products” expresses how much we value our stakeholders.

Continuously Challenge the Status QuoAsk yourself what you can do better

This principle expresses Mizkan’s commitment to continuous innovation. Another way to put it is to look at the facts in an honest and humble manner to change ourselves for the better. As a company that has repeatedly carried out innovation and challenges in anticipation of the future, Mizkan’s history flows from this principle. However, innovation is not something that can be achieved simply by embracing challenges aimlessly. We need to look at ourselves objectively to check we are not taking the easy way out or becoming complacent with success. We can develop this mindset by working to anticipate the future and relentlessly pursuing self improvement. If we consistently ask ourselves what we can do better, we can recognize the opportunities offered by major changes, and even convert risks into opportunities.

The earliest version of this principle came about in 1974, during the first oil crisis. The intention was to constantly look at the status quo in order to review our management of the business in a difficult economic climate. Later, we added on the “challenging” element to make it what it is today. By ensuring that every Mizkan team member understands and applies Two Principles in their day-to-day work, we can enhance customer satisfaction. And as a result, we will improve our business performance.


Kokoroe outlines the owner’s commitments to ensuring the continued success of the company regardless of environmental changes, and to pass on Mizkan-style management. At the same time, Kokoroe also states the expectations for leaders in relation to Mizkan-style management.


Video explaining the key messages of Kokoroe


Performance improvement through continuous quality improvement

When previous Mizkan Group CEO Kazuhide Nakano took up his position as President in 2002, he defined the aim of company activities as “performance improvement through continuous quality improvement.” It was a clear signal that he would take leadership and make Mizkan an even better company: the Mizkan Group should not just aim for performance improvement, but for performance improvement through continuous quality improvement.


Group Vision Slogan

The Group Vision Slogan embodies the value we offer customers.

Bringing Flavor to Life

The Mizkan Group takes great pride in making food that nourishes people. At the same time, we recognize the immense responsibility this brings. Bringing Flavor to Life reflects these commitments.

Bringing Flavor to Life™

People laugh and people cry
People meet, fall in love, give birth, and raise
their children.
And the cycle continues.
People sing, people run, people jump and
people dance.
People draw pictures, create music and
produce extensive visual images.
And food is the basic building block that makes
all of these possible.
Food enriches our lives and provides us
with the energy and spirit to enjoy life.
Mizkan offers only the finest food products;
The most reliable, the safest, the healthiest and
the most delicious.

The Group Vision Slogan is a statement of the value we offer customers.

Video expressing the philosophy behind Bringing Flavor to Life


Vision Statement

Logo: Vision Statement

We are in the midst of dramatic environmental changes. In several decades, many parts of the world may face food shortages and malnutrition as a result of extreme climate change and population growth. When we think about Mizkan in 10 years’ time, we would like our business activities to contribute to a healthy environment, society, and food habits. That is why we created the Vision Statement.

Our aspiration is to contribute to the environment, create a new future of food, and deliver foods that unify taste experience and healthy choices for people around the world. In 100 years’ time, we hope to remain an innovative company that challenges itself. A company that is always Bringing Flavor to Life.

Act for the well-being of the earth, society, and all that dwell on it(Environment)

Respect nature, learn from it, and nurture all life it fosters.

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Evoke social changes through new taste experiences(Social)

Orchestrate communication with the world through unified taste experience and healthy choices.

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Establish the governance of the future(Governance)

Strengthen Mizkan Corporate Governance (MCG) to bring the world together, implement with local style, and make the world taste delicious.

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Common Management Principles

The knowledge we have built up since our establishment is expressed in Kokoroe and Two Principles. Building on Kokoroe and Two Principles, the Common Management Principles provide the ideals that Mizkan employees should aspire to in their day-to-day work. They summarize the “backbone,” “perspectives,” and “actions” our people should take.

An illustration: Backbone

The Three Backbones that anchor Mizkan style.

  1. Is it aligned with the backbone of highly transparent communication based on mutual trust?
  2. Is it aligned with the backbone of Group optimization?
  3. Is it aligned with the backbone of prioritization and focus in a way that strengthens the company?
An illustration: Eyes

The Three Perspectives that safeguard Mizkan style.

  1. Is it aligned with the perspective of legal compliance, fairness, and ethics?
  2. Is it aligned with the perspective of risk minimization?
  3. Is it aligned with the perspective of performance improvement?
An illustration: Feet

The Three Actions that promote Mizkan style.

  1. Are you taking steps to understand, to be creative, and to communicate?
  2. Is your work characterized by a focus on sangen principles?
  3. Are you being accountable at all times?

SENOBI concept

An illustration: SENOBI

We hope that all our people “embrace their role and enthusiastically challenge themselves to accomplish SENOBI goals and objectives.” The term “SENOBI” refers to both the concept of and actions for making steady progress by enthusiastically challenging oneself to attain stretching but achievable goals. Working in accordance with SENOBI will continue to be fundamental to Mizkan’s culture and growth.

Mizkan Group Policies

Corporate Symbol

“Tradition and innovation” is embodied in our Corporate Symbol. In 2004, we changed the Mizkan logo from Japanese katakana characters to make it more approachable and familiar to people around the world. The use of the English alphabet represents our resolve to keep innovating and challenging ourselves in an ever-changing environment. We also changed the English spelling from “Mitsukan” to “mizkan.” Using “z” made it a shorter, more memorable, and more innovative company logo. The Corporate Mark, together with the green font, symbolizes the proud heritage and inherent strength of the Mizkan brand. Taken as a whole, the Corporate Symbol expresses how we embrace our 220-year heritage as we confidently forge a path towards the future.

Symbol: Mizkan

Corporate Mark